Welcome everyone!

We (Jen & Pardis) want to welcome you to a new community group – Cambriville Connects. We love all things local and enjoy engaging with a variety of community groups and businesses in Cambridge and Somerville every day. Though we love these connections, lately we’ve been finding it difficult to connect with people who have a similar interest in and passion for the local entrepreneurial community in which we live. So we decided to form Cambriville Connects.

The average age of residents in Cambridge and Somerville is 30 1/2 (yes – that’s very specific).  Given that, Pardis started asking herself: “Where are these people? What do they care about?”  She asked Jen for her opinion, and she also didn’t know.  We decided to start a gathering for people who wanted to get together, learn more about other people and businesses in Cambridge and Somerville, and create a space for ideas to flow.

We welcome you to join us every other month for a different activity and to regularly check out the website for features on local squares. Cambriville Connects has NO AGENDA – just an opportunity to meet new people and share new ideas.  There is no price for admission. We’ll have snacks and (usually) a cash bar. We want you to come check out new businesses you’ve never been to before, or old favorites. Most importantly, come to meet new people and learn new things going on in our community.

Get excited! Our first gathering is in March. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Check out our Google+ Community. Share your ideas about our communities and how we can become even more connected.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Jen & Pardis